Marketing Tips for New Businesses

Getting word out about your new business can seem impossible. With these tips, you can have a much larger exposure than you thought and save some money doing it.

Knowing your product and vision is one of the most important aspects in marketing.
If you do not know everything about your product you can be caught flat footed when a customer has questions about the product. Having you marketing team be aware of everything about your product is key to answering questions and addressing concerns.

Catering to you audience is also important. The way you reach your target customer will be different for each demographic. Advertising to children is different than advertising to seniors. And targeting your core market will make your reach stronger.

Believe it or not unhappy customers can be one of the strengths for your company. By looking at what is making the customer unhappy and addressing it you can not only turn an unhappy customer into a happy repeat customer but, through word of mouth you can actually gain reputation as a business that takes care of its’ customers. Being positive and addressing complaints quickly are key in turning what could be a negative into a positive.

Attending local networking events can get you free exposure. Going to these events will let you meet people in the community. With the right introductions, you may find people coming to your business that you have met at these types of events.

Be helpful to others in the community. If you have an expertise and someone needs help offer it. By doing a good deed you may find yourself a new client.

You can get a lot of exposure by sponsoring an organization. If your product or service fits with the organization, you will often find it is cheaper to sponsor a local organization than it is to run advertisements. People that attend events or are part of the organization are much more likely to support a business that supports their cause than one that they don’t know. People pay attention to companies that support their organization.

Sometimes it is a good idea to give away some product. Showing off a new product by giving trials or samples can get customers that wouldn’t try your product to try it. If a percentage of them decide to later purchase you can quickly recoup cost of your free trial in new customers.

Saving money in advertising can be make or break for a new business. Try advertising in classified ads rather than running ads in the main paper. Share cost of advertising with neighbor businesses. Find a business nearby and split the cost for fliers. Try to reduce the size and length of ads and radio spots. You will reach the same people with a smaller ad or a shorter radio spot as with a longer one. Consider using direct mail it has been found to be more effective than you would believe. Put keys in your ads so you know where customers heard about you. Offer a discount if the customer mentions the ad. It will let you know if your ad is effective.

With these tips, you will save money on marketing and increase your business’s exposure.